Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Saith Scripture?

       Proverbs 4:26 tells us, "Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established." In other words we need to think about how we do things and what we are doing so we will not be shaken and moved.
       When a missionary from an organized 'religion' goes into an area where the people just worship spirits or have some sort of collection of superstitions, the people are much more easily converted to that 'religion' than when a missionary goes into an area under an established 'religion' (at least that is what I've heard.) Similarly, when one who has not thought through his theology is confronted by Calvinism, Armenianism, or another organized theological system he is most likely to agree with the first one that comes by.
       Once I heard some people talking about what to name some baby. Should they turn on the television and use the first word they heard? or drop some silverware and see what it sounded like? Some like certain names and some others but we need to ask ourselves, "What does scripture say about naming babies?" Before you ask, "What college should I go to?" ask yourself "What does scripture say I should be doing now?"
      I want to make posts on many issues not because I know more than others but rather to help us think through things and discus them. Therefore, I would appreciate any comments that people want to leave.
If you think I'm very mistaken on something you can tell me! Or if you like something or have a question.

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