Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinking Biblically

     In Genesis chapter 2, God told Adam that he could not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  In Genesis chapter 3, the serpent first questioned God's Word, second denied God's Word, and finally got Eve to disobey God's Word.  Rather than obeying God's clear command, Eve made a decision based upon her perception of reality.  Satan has been decieving people throughout history in the very same way. 
     In our society, even those in good churches, tend to believe in an unscriptural cosmological model based on human reason.  Many people believe in an evolutionary history of the universe and not God's Word.  Most Christians interperet what God says about clothing, music, marriage, family, children, occupation, the roles of males and females, education, and government through the culture which they happen to be living in.  But instead we should carefully evaluate what our culture says about these things in light of the Bible.
     Our culture here in America has evidences of a Christian influence, but it is becoming increasingly based on humanism.  As Christians we should be working through every area of life to see what God's commands and principles are for that area. If we don't, without realizing it, we will tend to do just what the world is doing.  David did this when he tried moving the Ark with an ox cart, but then God brought judgment and David reformed to follow God's way.
     In future posts I want to open up some of these topics and look at them through the Bible.

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