Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of Evolutions, Kinds, and Families


     According to Richard Dawkins, once upon a time aliens visited a planet we call earth and the seed of life and it has since evolved into numerous kinds of plants and animals.  But, we do not believe in evolution, our God is not a little green man!  He is the God of the Bible, who created the earth about six thousand years ago and has told us about it in His Word. 
     Genesis 1 tells us about God making the various kinds of plants and making them to reproduce after their kind.  It further goes on to describe God making all the animals on days 5 and 6 and causing them to reproduce after their kind.  We see this clearly demonstrated in farming.  There are numerous varieties of wheat and corn, yet they never evolve into another kind of plant.  Also, among cows there are many breeds and some look quite different than others; but they are all cows.  
      Intelligent evolutionists make accurate observations of animals varying and illogically conclude that animals can evolve into new kinds of animals though this is never observed.  As Christians, we also can see animals vary but believe that they must reproduce after their kind as God said in Genesis 1. 
     In Leviticus 19 God forbade the children of Israel breeding their cattle with a different kind.  There is specific application here for scientists and those working with plants and animals. There is also a general principle in the Bible that while life can vary a great degree we ought not to change life into something that is completely different from what God created it to be.  Our churches, governments, and families should follow God's original plan for them.
     The world endeavors to reinvent marriage into something completely different than what God created.  There can be great variety in marriages with different personalities, ages, circumstances, and other things yet we cannot define it differently than God does! When Jesus was questioned about divorce He went back to creation indicating that man ought not to change what God has established. When Paul was discussing the roles of men and women in church he went back to creation presupposing and confirming that we should not change the order God set up.

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