Monday, December 13, 2010

'Owr' and 'Maowr'

   After having a conversation yesterday at church about the previous post I thought that I should note a few things.  Before I do though, I'll  admit that I have a very limited understanding of science and even though the scriptures are plain enough for a child to understand they also contain depths which we will never fathom in our lives.
   In our language we use one word 'light' to refer to both the light waves (or particles) and also the point from whence the waves come. Ex. when he turned on the light there was light. This is no problem for we can normally understand the meaning from the context, but in the Hebrew there is two words for light. 'Owr' refers to light waves and 'maowr' refers to the light source.
   The light which God created on day one was 'owr'.  There was light but the source of it 'maowr' was not yet created until day four. All the light we see today has a definite source but obviously God could have used physics we do not know of yet. He could also have worked outside the laws of science which he made.
    God created this light and divided it so that it was light on one side of the earth and dark on the other and thus there could be evening and morning. God could have just caused the light to be divided like that without any point from whence it was coming. Or, He could have had or been a point from whence the light was coming.
    If God was a point from whence this created light was coming, as I postulated in the previous post, He was not shining forth in all His glory in our physical universe or all would have been consumed! God would rather have been sending forth light, without the sun, as He sent forth light with the pillar of fire or the light which caused Moses' countenance to glow on Mt. Sinai.
    Whatever the details are, I don't know enough (perhaps the passage doesn't say enough) to be dogmatic about what I have postulated. I do firmly believe that God created the earth stationary as a center around which the rest of the universe was created. I also believe that the sun is moving and the light did move around earth on a daily basis. The reason for this is that it fits all the scriptures perfectly and is a model which one could derive solely by studying the scriptures while the currently popular heliocentric or acentric models one would never find in the Bible unless he had first found it from some other source. When people decide to operate on human reason over what they think the Bible indicates in any area of life it can lead to serious problems especially over generations.

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