Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Should We Then Vote? - Part III

     In the previous blog post, I mentioned the passages in Exodus 18 and Deuteronomy 1 where God had the children of Israel vote for rulers, giving them qualifications which these men must meet to be voted for.  I'd like to talk about these more in depth, but first I want to briefly restate some of the thoughts that I have already expounded on:
     1. We should vote exclusively pro-life since it is our job as mankind to protect life and punish murderers through the government.
     2. We should vote only for men because God only allowed his people to choose men for their rulers.
     3. The rulers of the children of Israel had to be from their own tribe.  And, God told them when they chose a king that he had to be from their own country.  We should only vote for people in federal positions who are Americans.  (They have their birth certificates;)
     Exodus 18:21 says that these Israelite men who were to be chosen as rulers must be able.  Deuteronomy 1:13 states that they must be known among your tribes.  In other words, we must vote for men who are capable of being rulers and have demonstrated this in other ways.  Perhaps if a man has shown that he capable in his family and business, or other government positions he has held, we could say that he is able.
     Then in Exodus it says they must fear God.  Now, the Bible mentions people who had no fear of God, and people who greatly feared God, so, there could be different levels of fearing God.  They must have a fear of God, whatever the degree may happen to be.  Therefore, we certainly should not vote for an agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim!  Furthermore, Deuteronomy says they must be wise and understanding. We know that the fear of God is wisdom and the fool says in his heart there is no God.  The fear of the Lord is to hate evil and to depart from evil is understanding.  We cannot vote for someone that God says is a fool!
     These men were to be men of truth.  It may be hard to find an honest politician (we need statesmen), but I believe we ought only to vote for someone who means what he says and keeps his word.
     Lastly, Exodus says they must hate covetousness.  We should not vote for someone who is out to get money for himself or who wants to get money from tax payers to satisfy others' covetousness.
     To summarize this, God has certain principles for who we should vote for.  First, we must vote for people who meet God's qualifications.  Once they have met that, we can discuss which one is the best or which one we like the most.  
     We should strive to vote for people who are qualified and find people to run if no one in a race is qualified.  Sometimes, we might get people who seemed good at first, but then turned out to be untruthful or covetous.  But, we should never vote for someone when we know it would be against God's principles.
     The Bible has many commands to government rulers.  The king was to write a copy of the law, not multiply wives, and Proverbs says he shouldn't drink.  These commands were given to the rulers, and every ruler aught to obey them.  We could debate whether or not we can vote for someone who disobeys these commands, but certainly they should meet the minimum qualifications if we are to vote for them. 

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